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 Founder of SocTee Foundation

Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

Michael comes from a place of peace, love and respect. He grew up on those key principles that later became an essential practice to his everyday life, career and experiences.  Michael is a retired member of the Marriott International, where he gained many accolades as a manager within the Event Technology sector of this industry. He worked there for many years to gain the love and respect of his colleagues. As sad as they became to see such a powerful force retire from this department, Michael had other future business endeavors and aspirations in life that he wanted to accomplish beyond retirement. During Michael's pastime after retiring, he got to spend a lot more time with his 5 children and 11 grandchildren.
Michael is a dabbler and always had to have his hands into doing something positive for the community. He's given out so many free shirts and socks out of his own pocket, that he decided it's only fair to turn his passion into a nonprofit to advance his giving capabilities. Since the bulk of his giving was shirts & tee's, he came up with the name " Soc Tee Foundation. " His main focus was to support children within single-parent households, (as these children are at the highest disadvantage rate). As his vision began to come to life, he continued to study the trends of single-parent homes each year. He quickly realized that this rate continued to increase at a very unsettling rate. He started to understand this trend very well and knew that he had to do something to help these individuals. Michael pressed forward with the organizing of this nonprofit and we're excited to have finally launched this business. We're preparing for our next big event to help these children, as we believe that all children should be able to clean up and feel refreshed with clean tees and socks. It's unfortunate that finding clean garments of clothing is very scarce in some low poverty.

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